Comprehensive fabrication services that cover everything from design to project management, fabrication, transportation to site and installation.

The team at Beltech fabricates to your specifications either on-site or at their in-house fabrication facility to deliver short lead times and a high-quality finished product on every occasion.

Our experienced team excels in a wide array of fabrication processes to meet your unique requirements. Regardless of the complexity of your fabrication projects, we offer seamless service packages that include designing to your specifications, fabricating, transporting to your allocated location, and executing the installation.

Our specialties go beyond initial fabrication. We also specialise in a range of overhaul and refurbishment activities designed to fully maximise the life cycle of your plant and extend the life of fixed plant elements, helping you better manage your CAPEX.

The complete range of fabrication services

We provide a full range of fabrication offerings such as, but not limited to: piping, structural, machining, coded welding and poly welding. Our highly skilled team is also capable of utilising these methods to create fabricated products for commercial or industrial purposes.

Beltech relies upon our experience, knowledge and expertise to specialise in fabricating, rebuilding and installing the following:

  • Piping, Spools Lined/Unlined
  • Ceramic and Rubber Lining
  • Skip Bins, Chutes and Wear Liner Packages
  • Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Piping
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation
  • Blast and Paint
  • General large and small metal fabrication for any industry

Are you ready to Bring Your Vision to Life?

Beltech’s experienced team of fabricators are ready to complete your job to your specific requirements and the highest quality.

Find out more about our metal fabrication services now by contacting (07) 4779 1037

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