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As an accomplished leader in mining, minerals processing, and maintenance services, Beltech Engineering takes significant pride in its operations across Australia and beyond, including remote locations. With established roots in the country, our team comprises experienced mining professionals committed to delivering tailored solutions that enhance our client’s bottom line in mining and minerals processing maintenance.

Our commitment to excellence is evident through our state-of-the-art technology and sustainable practices, ensuring responsible and efficient operations. Beltech Engineering distinguishes itself from competitors with an unwavering focus on safety and environmental fortitude, making us the preferred choice for global mining solutions.

Our Expertise:

Beltech Engineering boasts a team of knowledgeable, safety-conscious, and experienced professionals providing advanced solutions for your industry needs, from modern design and fabrication to precision on-site installation. We demonstrate our dedication to excellence by utilising in-house fabrication for the best quality outcomes. Additionally, we prioritise client-focused quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Services Offered:

Our service portfolio encompasses a large spectrum, highlighting our proficiency in various maintenance disciplines:

  • Engineering Services Adelaide: Delivering comprehensive engineering solutions.
  • Fabrication Services: Providing optimised, in-house fabrication capabilities.
  • Installation: Ensuring seamless on-site installation processes.
  • Rebuild Services: Expertly reconstructing to OEM specifications.
  • Circuit Optimisation: Enhancing operational efficiency through strategic circuit optimisation.
  • Maintenance and Shutdown Planning: Thorough planning for maintenance and shutdowns.
  • Technical Support: Offering expert assistance in technical matters.
  • Skilled Labour Hire: Providing skilled labour across diverse maintenance disciplines.
  • Workplace Support Services: Initiatives like 5S, Visual Workplace, housekeeping, and safety improvements.
  • Project Freight Transportation: Efficiently managing transportation solutions for project freight.

Deep Operational Experience:

Benefit from our expansive operational experience gained through collaborations with renowned industry heavyweights. Beltech Engineering is committed to the highest professional standards and maintains a time-tested ability to deliver results, making us a leader among engineering companies in Australia and across the world.

Partnering for Success:

More than just a service provider, Beltech Engineering is your partner in business operations and longevity. We extend specialist support to ensure best practices, value for money, and tailored maintenance and improvement solutions aligned with your business objectives.

Explore the world of superior mining, mineral processing, and maintenance services with Beltech Engineering. For an engineering services Adelaide partner, or anywhere through Australia and globally, contact Beltech Engineering today.  

Who We Are

Beltech Engineering – Mining & Minerals Processing & Maintenance Services Group. We operate across Australia & overseas including remote locations.

We are an Australian based group of mining
industry maintenance professionals and
associates specialising in delivering solutions
in all areas of the mining and minerals
processing maintenance space. Our coverage
extends from mining and processing through
to smelting and refining.
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