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Beltech Engineering offers a comprehensive range of improvement services designed to enhance the efficiency and compliance of your operation. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve optimal results in the following key areas:

Consulting Services

Beltech Engineering started as a consulting service, assisting various industries globally in improving their practices to align with success. Our consultants provide knowledge, expertise, guidance, and coordination related to plant strategy and operations across diverse sectors. The goal of our consultants is to add value through services that optimise operations for increased profitability and efficiency. Drawing from our deep experience, we assist managers in optimising plant performance and ensuring compliance.

We provide consultants in the areas of:

Engineering and Design: Beltech Engineering’s engineer consultants possess a deep understanding of plant design and layout, factoring in costs, risks, and strategies to enhance operational performance. Our experienced engineers refine ongoing projects for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Operational Consultants: Beltech’s operational consultants meticulously evaluate plant performance and value, making strategic adjustments to boost profit margins and operational efficiency. With a keen market understanding, they schedule work at optimal times for project success.

Support Services:

  • Work management and engineering support: experienced maintenance managers, superintendents, planners, and engineering technical support for short or long-term assignments.
  • WHS and process Improvement support: comprehensive support in workplace health and safety (WHS) and process improvement.
  • 5S & visual workplace campaign support: assistance in implementing 5S and visual workplace campaigns.
  • Area housekeeping programs and coaching: guidance to establish effective area housekeeping programs.
  • Technical writing and WHS Documents: skilled in technical writing to develop a wide range of WHS documents.

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