Project Freight Transportation

Providing complete end-to-end maintenance services and improvement solutions tailored to suit your requirements and support your business operations.

Our Transportation Services

Beltech Engineering is a leader in project freight transportation, demonstrating a dedication to knowledge, safety, and excellence. We take pride in delivering transportation solutions that ensure your equipment arrives at your site with precision and efficiency. Whether you require specialised handling, custom routes, or real-time tracking, our services contribute to the seamless flow of your operations.

Beltech Owned Transport Services

Our fleet of transport vehicles provides reliability and efficiency, offering a direct and personalised delivery solution. We understand the time sensitivity of certain items and provide HOTSHOT delivery services for critical components that require immediate attention.

Nationwide Coverage

Beltech Engineering covers the expanse of Australia, reaching even the most remote locations. Our commitment to timely delivery remains steadfast across urban centres and the Outback, providing prompt and diligent service for your materials and equipment.

Serving All Industries

Our transportation services cater to diverse industry needs, whether for business or personal purposes. Our team is equipped to handle your logistics with tailored solutions, ensuring seamless delivery for your projects.

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We aim to provide our clients with exceptional service and superior products.  For more information about Beltech Engineering and how we can provide tailored maintenance solutions for your business, or if you need our support, we invite you to contact us.

Who We Are

Beltech Engineering – Mining & Minerals Processing & Maintenance Services Group. We operate across Australia & overseas including remote locations.

We are an Australian based group of mining
industry maintenance professionals and
associates specialising in delivering solutions
in all areas of the mining and minerals
processing maintenance space. Our coverage
extends from mining and processing through
to smelting and refining.
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