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Trust us to deliver skilled workforce solutions for your projects!

At Beltech Engineering, we specialise in providing highly skilled workforce solutions through our Labour Hire Services, ensuring comprehensive support for your projects. We understand the importance of highly skilled labor and are diligent about ensuring our team meets the highest standards. Our staff prioritise quality, efficiency, and reliability, driving your success and supporting you in maintaining and building for a sustainable future.

We are fully equipped to serve a diverse range of industries including mining, water management, defense, oil and gas, sugar production, hydrogen and government. This breadth of experience and capability showcases our versatility and commitment to excellence in servicing various industries.

Our team comprises skilled and experienced professionals who are equipped to perform preventive, breakdown and shutdown maintenance on various specialised industry processing equipment. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to supply mobile maintenance technicians upon request, ensuring seamless support for your operations.

Labour Hire Services include:

  • Maintenance Management and Supervisory Staff 
  • Fixed Plant and Mobile Plant Technicians/Maintainers
  • Project Management
  • Trades (Boilermakers and Fitters)
  • Planners
  • Integrated Precision Maintenance Personnel 
  • Fixed Plant and Mobile Plant Technicians/Maintainers

Choose Beltech for your Skilled Labour Hire!

Your business can rely upon our team of industry specialists at Beltech Engineering to provide you with skilled workers so you can invest your time and energy in the right person.

Reach out to us at (07) 4779 1037 for top quality service and to discuss the provision of labour candidates.

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We aim to provide our clients with exceptional service and superior products.  For more information about Beltech Engineering and how we can provide tailored maintenance solutions for your business, or if you need our support, we invite you to contact us.

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Beltech Engineering – Mining & Minerals Processing & Maintenance Services Group. We operate across Australia & overseas including remote locations.

We are an Australian based group of mining
industry maintenance professionals and
associates specialising in delivering solutions
in all areas of the mining and minerals
processing maintenance space. Our coverage
extends from mining and processing through
to smelting and refining.
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